5 tips for better ticketing in 2024


In the dynamic realm of event management, staying ahead of the curve is essential.

As we enter 2024, ticketing experiences are evolving to simplify processes for organizers and offer attendees greater control.

Here are five tips to embrace these advancements for a seamless, attendee-centric and better ticketing experience.

Smart & Contactless Ticketing Platforms

Implement contactless ticketing solutions for a seamless experience.

QR codes or NFC technology allow attendees to access and validate their tickets effortlessly, contributing to a smooth entry process.

Not only are these solutions modern and easy to use, they are also safer in the wider context of public health.

On-Site, On-Demand Badge Printing

Self Badge Printing for attendees with a tablet based printing station

Introduce on-site on-demand printing with ultra-fast colour printers, enabling last-minute changes and customization. This feature empowers organizers to accommodate alterations even moments before the event, enhancing flexibility and attendee satisfaction.

This way, no need to finalize your design weeks before the event. No need to pre-print entire rolls of badges that will go to waste. On-demand printing is flexible and eco-friendly.

Prioritize Attendee Self-Service

Prioritize attendee self-service to streamline processes and reduce manpower costs for organizers. Enable attendees to manage their tickets, make last-minute changes, and even edit their information themselves, putting control directly into the hands of the event-goers.

This makes attendees more self-sufficient, allowing for a smaller event management team on-site. Ultimately, this helps event organizers reduce costs.

Give Full Control to Organisers

Easy modification of information in the backend before badge printing

Offer organizers flexible systems that allow them to decide whether attendees can reprint their tickets, how many times, and even enable attendees to edit their information themselves. Empowering organizers with such control reduces costs by requiring less manual intervention.

Furthermore, invest in ticketing systems that seamlessly interface with other data sources. 

This means that organizers are not captive of a given supplier and can choose their event platform, ticket sales system and badge printing solution freely.

Real-Time Administration Dashboard

Badge printing made easy with an informative dashboard for event organisers

Equip organizers with a real-time administration dashboard providing insights into badge prints, reprint rate, and the average rate of information update. This data-driven approach facilitates quick decision-making and adjustments to the event strategy.

Furthermore, it can help event organizers identify other areas of improvement related to data quality, badge security, and more.


Embracing these innovations in ticketing for 2024 will not only streamline processes for organizers but also enhance the overall experience for attendees.

By offering greater control over ticketing and simplifying on-site printing and modifications, organizers can maximize efficiency and create memorable events.