Elevate Event Registration with Cvent: Seamless Integration for Superior Badge Printing by BadgeIt!

Welcome to a new era of event excellence, where Cvent’s robust event registration meets BadgeIt!’s state-of-the-art badge printing services. Join us as we unveil the seamless integration that transforms event management into a streamlined and professional experience.

Who is Cvent?

Cvent stands as a leading force in the event technology landscape, providing comprehensive solutions for event planning, management, and execution. With a focus on delivering exceptional attendee experiences, Cvent has become a go-to choice for event organizers worldwide.

Cvent's Registration Service

Cvent’s event registration service is a powerhouse, offering organizers a suite of tools to streamline the registration process. From customizable forms to attendee tracking, Cvent empowers organizers to create a tailored and efficient registration experience. Attendees benefit from a user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless journey from registration to event participation.

Seamless Integration with BadgeIt

BadgeIt! is proud to announce its seamless integration with Cvent’s registration service, creating a unified solution for event organizers. Our integration ensures a smooth flow of data between Cvent and BadgeIt!, providing organizers with a hassle-free experience in managing attendee information.

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Two-Way Sync, Badge Design Studio, Ticket Types and more!

Our integration goes beyond conventional solutions. As an extension of Cvents powerful registration tools, we offer event organizers the option to upgrade the badge printing experience with BadgeIt! stellar on-site print services.

While we provide event organizers with simple tools to customize the design of their event badges, our platform does all the heavy lifting of keeping the on-site print kiosks in-sync with your Cvent registration database.

In addition, we only print badges in colors, on-site. No pre-print, early shipping or other time-wasting schemes where mistakes and typos can be expensive! This revolutionary approach to ticket printing ensures a seamless check-in process, double digit sponsor satisfaction and leaves a lasting positive impression on your attendees.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Cvent and BadgeIt! sets a new standard for excellence in event management. Elevate your events with our integrated solutions, where Cvent’s powerful registration service meets BadgeIt!’s professional badge printing for a truly unforgettable experience.