Improve Event Sponsor Visibility in 2024


In the fast-paced world of event planning, securing sponsors is pivotal for success. To maximize sponsor visibility and, consequently, boost sponsorship package sales, event organizers can harness the potential of custom printed lanyards, badges, and foam core prints.

Custom Printed Lanyards: Walking Brand Ambassadors

Lanyards are ever-present at events, worn by attendees throughout. By customizing lanyards with sponsor logos, organizers turn attendees into walking brand ambassadors. This ensures continuous exposure within and beyond the event premises.

Collaborating with sponsors to create visually appealing designs that align with the event’s theme enhances the impact. Exclusive lanyard sponsorship packages can further increase the perceived value of this branding opportunity.

Custom Printed Badges: Personalized Sponsor Showcase

Customised badge printing with our built-in badge design editor

Badges offer more than identification; they’re a canvas for showcasing sponsor logos and messages. By incorporating sponsor branding on badges, event organizers provide sponsors with a personalized space for promotion. Attendees become walking billboards, amplifying sponsor visibility.

Custom badges offer design versatility, allowing sponsors to effectively convey their messages. Vibrant colors and creative layouts can be tailored to align seamlessly with sponsors’ branding guidelines.

Foam Core Prints: Striking Visual Displays

While lanyards and badges focus on individual visibility, foam core and other prints offer larger-than-life opportunities for sponsors. Placing prints strategically in high-traffic areas ensures maximum exposure. These visually striking displays capture attention, leaving a lasting impression.

Collaboration with sponsors to design eye-catching foam core prints enhances visibility and contributes to the event’s overall aesthetic. From entranceways to key event locations, these prints serve as dynamic billboards, reinforcing sponsors’ presence.


In the competitive event organizing landscape, securing sponsors hinges on offering innovative visibility opportunities. Custom printed lanyards, badges, and foam core prints emerge as powerful tools. Effectively leveraging these opportunities allows organizers to present a compelling proposition to sponsors, ultimately leading to increased sponsorship package sales. As the symbiotic relationship between events and sponsors flourishes, the potential for memorable and successful gatherings grows.