Speed Up Event Attendee Check-in in 2024: A Quick Guide


In the fast-paced world of event management, every second counts.
Attendee check-in has traditionally been a bottleneck, but in 2024, we’re witnessing a revolution in how events welcome their participants.
Here’s a guide on how to speed up event attendee check-in, making the process seamless and efficient.

No More Queues with QR Codes and Self-Printing Stations

Self Badge Printing for attendees with a tablet based printing station

Bid farewell to long registration desk queues by embracing QR codes and self-printing stations. Attendees can simply scan their QR codes for quick verification and proceed to self-print their badges at dedicated stations.

This not only eliminates waiting times but also empowers attendees with a hassle-free start to their event experience.

Signage for Seamless Navigation

Use clear signage to guide event-goers to self-printing stations. Well-placed signs ensure attendees effortlessly find their way, enhancing the overall check-in experience.

Clarity in directions minimizes confusion and maximizes efficiency, setting a positive tone for the event.
Depending on your audience, you can also have a few volunteers help guide attendees.

These volunteers can wear specific event clothing, carry highly visible lollipop signs, or even wear sandwich signs. Get creative!

Flexible Solutions for User Self-Solving

Empower attendees to resolve issues on their own with flexible solutions.

Whether it’s purchasing add-on tickets for specific events, acquiring extra tickets for companions, or correcting minor errors in their name or company information, a user-friendly interface allows for swift and independent problem-solving.

The results? Less visits to your registration desk, less queues, and an overall faster and more positive experience for your attendees.

Team Size Reduction and Cost Containment

Incorporate solutions that reduce the size of your on-site team without compromising efficiency.

By leveraging self-service options, you can contain costs while enhancing the overall user experience.

This modern approach to check-in not only streamlines processes but also ensures a lean and effective on-site team.

Hassle-Free Steps for Rapid Readiness

Time is of the essence, and every step in the onboarding process should be designed for maximum efficiency.

Minimize unnecessary procedures and make every step hassle-free, ensuring that attendees can swiftly move from entering the venue to being fully ready to participate in the event.

Modern Badge Scanning for Controlled Access

Simplify access to controlled sessions with modern badge scanning solutions.

These advanced systems facilitate quick and accurate ticket checks, ensuring that attendees smoothly enter exclusive sessions without delays or complications.

Further benefit here is that by adding this extra layer of gatekeeping for some sessions, you now have precise statistics and data on participating attendees which in turn can either be re-targeted with content or marketing communications from sponsors.


In conclusion, speeding up event attendee check-in in 2024 is all about embracing the latest event technology innovations and user empowerment.

From QR codes and self-printing stations to flexible self-solving software options on the kiosks and controlled access solutions. Each element contributes to a seamless and efficient onboarding process.

By reducing queues, streamlining navigation, and enhancing user autonomy, event organizers can set the stage for a successful and memorable event experience.